ECPD Breaking News - 03.10.2017.


The 4th pharmaco-economics Conference of the ECPD Belgrade, was conducted in Opatija, Croatia. A distinguished group of experts from SEE, England, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Spain and the USA discussed the medical drug market with about 40 expert and experienced participants from the region. Messages emanating from the event is that it becomes more important for governments to follow cost-efficiency and effectiveness of proscribed treatments and to further analyse the cost effectiveness and benefit from drugs by patients and to society overall. Conclusions reference the future of pharmaceuticals in the health sector, their contribution to better health and population health status, fair pricing and their importance to the health economy. It also touched upon the darker side of drug practices.The Conference is particularly pertinent to the Balkan region. Participants and facilitators agreed that the findings of the Conference should be made more widely known and that the ECPD will make an appeal to Europe on the accessibility-availability of orphan drugs for children.

Evropski centar za mir i razvoj Univerziteta za mir UN obaveštava da su doktorska disertacija i Izveštaj o oceni disertacije Aleksandre Plazinić pod naslovom „The European Union Accession Negotiations with Serbia – the Role of Communication Strategy“ stavljeni na uvid javnosti u Sekretarijatu ECPD (Beograd, Terazije 41), 15 dana od 11.10.2017. godine.
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