ECPD Research Project made for the ICN Company


In 1997, the European Center for Peace and Development was actively engaged in the research activities aimed at improvingof the leadership in ICN Corporation. The following research projects were carried out:

The Policy and Systems of Training Managers and Specialists in ICN East Europe

ICN East Europe

Project Director: 
Prof. Dr Vlastimir Matejić

This project rallied the experts of specified companies operating within this business system in the United States, Hungary, Russian Federation and Yugoslavia, as well as numerous experts outside the ICN system, to be trained by renowned management experts from various European and non-European countries.

The realized project provided a sound basis for the organization and conduct of additional specialist training of the employed within this business system, especially managers and specialists, but is also of broader use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Reengineering of the Marketing and Sales Functions

ICN Galenika, Yugoslavia

Project Director: 
Prof. Dr Mile Jović

The project was carried outand handed over to the client in two phases:

A) Analysis, and
B) Resume and Recommendations

The Analysis was a result of comprehensive research into the organization and functions of ICN Galenika Company, particularly its Marketing and Sales Division or Sector.

Apart form the Resume of this research, the authors recommended the necessary and possible new organization settings, changes in the methods of work, the way of inquiring and restructuring the labourforce and the like.

Reengineering of the Business Planning, Accounting and Control Sectors of ICN Yugoslavia

ICN Yugoslavia

Project Co-Directors: 
Prof. Dr Gavrilo Jović 
Prof. Dr Jovan Ranković

During the period of July – August 1997, the authors, in the process of realizing the project's tasks conducted, a survey of the work of the Planning, Accounting and Auditing Sectors, made interviews and had discussions with numerous leaders – directors, department heads, desk officers and the like. On the basis of their findings, they developed a new of planning concept and recommended the ways and means leading to the improvement of the accounting and control functions.

Danube Pollution Reduction Programme - National Reviews of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - 1998

In cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Development, Science and Environment of the FR of Yugoslavia, and the Program Coordination Unit UNDP/GEC, The European Center for Peace and Development elaborated the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia National Reviews on the Danube Pollution Reduction Program - 1998".

In carrying out the FRY National Reviews of the Danube Pollution Reduction Programs, over 30 renowned scientists and experts were engaged to work under the supervision of Prof. Dr Zoran Čukić, Country Program Coordinator. They produced and presented to the Client the following volumes or reports:

Volume 1 - Summary Report;
Volume 2 - Project Files;
Volume 3 and 4 - Technical Reports containing:
Part A: Social and Economic Analysis;
Part B: Financial Mechanism;
Part C: Water Quality; and
Part D: Water Environmental Engineering.

The results of the National Reviews provided adequate documentation for conducting National Planning Workshops and actually constituted the base's for national planning and decision-making processes related to the Reduction of the Danube Pollution.




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