Research Project elaborated for the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac


The following ECPD research projects for the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac were elaborated:

“Strategy of the Tourism Development of the Takovo-Rudnik Area”

Municipality of Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

Project Director
Prof. Dr Milutin Lješević / Prof. dr. Negoslav P. Ostojić

The Project was realized under the Agreement concluded between the ECPD and the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac.

ECPD Research Project

In pursuing the assumed tasks and obligations, research was focused, inter alia, on the current and basic problems of the municipality's sustainable tourism; prospects and limitations, as well as the strategy and tactics of reaching the formulated aims and objectives being researched and analyzed. On that basis, the corresponding conclusions and recommendations were spelled out.

In this research and analyses more than thirty prominent, internationally renowned professors, researchers and experts were engaged. The final results, including. The conclusions and recommendations were published as the separate 200-page Study and, in 2006, given to the client for implementation in the development of sustainable tourism in the Gornji Milanovac Municiplaity.

Participants in Project realization:

Prof. Dr Milisav Čutović, Prof. Dr Richard Pagett
Prof. Dr Miodrag Ivanović
Prof. Dr Miroljub Kojović
Prof. Dr Yves-Rastimir Nedeljković
Božidar Vasiljević, Advisor
Prof. Dr Milivoje Maćejka
Dr Stevan Nikolić
Dr Miroljub Milinčić, Assistant Professor
Dr Bogdan Lukić, Assistant Professor
Dr Nigel Carter
Dr Gonzague Hutin
Prof. Dr Jeffrey Levett
Prof. Dr Marija Maksin-Mićić

”Further Resolution of the Problems of the Municipal Refuse and Wild Depos in the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac"

Municipal Assembly of Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

Project Director
Prof.dr Milutin Lješević

This project is a continuation of the elaboration of the ECPD research project “Strategy of Tourism of the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac”. The title of the project 'Further resolution/solving...' implies that it was tried to solve the problem by realizing of the project dealing with building an up-to-date sanitary refuse depo. However, other naturally preceding issues: local collection of refuse, separation, recycling drive and the like were not resolved and resolving such problems is a prerequisite for sustainable tourism development. Therefore, it was necessary to further investigate the problem and find out the most practical and economical way to organize the local collection of refuse, trash and garbage, to bring them to the central depo and make them usable and the area for tourism suitable.


In the elaboration of the project more than twenty scientists, experts on ecology, researchers and local advisars were engaged. The final results, including the conclusions and recommendations, were published in the separate 100-page Study and, in 2007, delivered to the Client for implementation.

Participants in the Project realization:

Dr Miroljub Milinčić, Demographer, Population and Settlements
Dr Bogdan Lukić, Spatial Planner, Infrastructural Systems
Miško Milanović, MSc, Spatial Planner, Computer Processing and Design
Bojana Jovanović, Nature Protection
Vukosav Delić, ecology student, data collection and proofreading
Miloš Ninković, ecology student, data collection and proofreading
Nikola Samardžić, ecology student, data collection and proofreading
Prof. Dr Jovan Despotović, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade
Dr Nigel Carter, BP GB
Dr Ziegfrid Treuner, Secretary for Secondary Raw Materials, AE Bayer
Dr Miodrag Ivanović, Departement for Strategic Management, London
Prof. Dr Milovan Pecelj, Director of the Enviromental Research Institute, GF






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