Significance of establishing a Regional ECPD Institute for studies on climate change and its effect on environment and health (Pula/Croatia)

One of the crucial fields of activities at the European Centre for Peace and Development is sustainable development. In relation, climate changes are a great challenge for local, regional, as well as national and global level.

Pula, with its authentic Mediterranean climate, rich history and tertiary education ambitions (efforts by Politehnika Pula), is the right place for successful work of ECPD Regional Centre for International Postgraduate studies and Development Research, as well as for the newly founded Institute for Climate Change Studies, which will be a part of the ECPD Regional Centre framework.

Organisation of the round table on the Effects of climate change on people's health with emphasis on allergies is a proof that ECPD with its partner, Politehnika Pula and with solid cooperation with different institutions of Istarska Županija is actively focusing on climate change research and is very serious about it. This round table is only the beginning as we are preparing new projects to come.

We are guided by the belief, that the prerequisite for sucessful work is multidisciplinary approach, cooperation with different fields of expertise (Medicine, Biology, Meteorology and other applied sciences) and collaboration with many public institutions in the region. We are especially pleased, that we enjoy the support of the ECPD Executive Director, Prof. dr. Negoslav Ostojić from ECPD Belgrade as well as the Dean of Politehnika Pula, Prof. dr. Luciano Delbianco.

Janez Podobnik

Director, ECPD Institute for Sustainable Development, Ljubljana/Slovenia





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