We , the 140 organizations that met to call for a World Internet Forum, express our thanks for the offer of support of the European Center for Peace and Development. We appreciate the link between our fight for justice in the Net, and the history of the New International Economic Order. The NIIEO was a rare moment of global governance, based on international social justice, law as the basis for international relations, and cooperation as a universal values.




The imposition of a neoliberal order, by the President Ronal Reagan and the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has made the NIIEO a distant dream, and imposed again force and unilateralism as the basis for the present stage of international relations, without any global framework of governance.

We consider that a just Internet, free from interference of corporations and governments, is an essential tool for participation,awareness and democracy. The World Internet Forum will make this essential step for full participation of people a reality.

We look to ECPD offer of support as a stimulating contribution to our ongoing process for the realization of the Forum, and we want to express our appreciation and our wishes, to the European Center for Peace and Development, to continue its important work for keeping alive a vision of peace, and the value of the development paradigm.


The general assembly for the World Internet Forum.

FSM 2015 (.pdf)

Evropski centar za mir i razvoj Univerziteta za mir UN obaveštava da su doktorske disertacije i Izveštaji o oceni disertacija Aleksandra Plavšina pod naslovom „Uticaj aktuelne ekonomske diplomatije Republike Srbije na izvoz i strane investicije i njeno moguće unapređenje“; Aleksandra Weisnera pod naslovom „Primarna i sekundarna prevencija oružanog nasilja adolescenata u Srbiji“ i Novaka Lučića pod naslovom „Analiza i ocjena stranih direktnih investicija u Makedoniji sa projekcijama dugoročnog razvoja“ stavljeni na uvid javnosti u Sekretarijatu ECPD (Beograd, Terazije 41), 15 dana od 12.9.2017. godine.
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