·     The ECPD Global Health School serves as an umbrella for educational, operational and research activities within the context of Balkan health. It is an engine of growth for human resource improvement and a pole of strong attraction for local and international experts. Recent additions to the ECPD Staff include Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Henke, Chair of Public Finance and Health Economics, Institute for Economics and Corporate Law,Technical University, Berlin and Professor Arne Bjornberg, Sweden.

·       The ECPD has a rapidly developing mission directed at the reduction of population vulnerability through developments in human security, public health and health diplomacy. To further this agenda it has strong working and signed agreements with the Health Ministry of Serbia [12/4/2013], Montenegro [2014] and Bosnia and Herzegovina[23/6/2014].

·      Tools for carrying out its mission include International Summer Schools [1995-2015] and International Conferences focusing on reconciliation, tolerance and human security [2004-2015] and Fora on Balkan public health [2004, 2013]. A most recent conference had its focus on THE NEW BALKANS AND EUROPEAN UNION: PEACE, DEVELOPMENT, INTEGRATION[2014]. The upcoming XXth International Summer School on Management [2015] will address the integration of health systems and health management. It will be co-directed by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Henke, Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Levett, National School of Public Health, Greece and Assistant. Prof. Dr. Simo Vuković, ECPD, UPUN.

·   One of its vehicles Collaboration with all legitimate actors is a strong focal point for initiatives as demonstrated by its agreements with and its relationship with the SEEHN [MoU 19/11/2014].

Agreements in 2015 in the field of health with integrative functions include the following Strategic Partnerships:

Consumer Power House [CPH], a Swedish organisation directed by Professor Arne Bjornberg [Belgrade, 21/1/2015], which among other things compares healthcare systems in Europe. The Partnership will promote research oriented inputs to primary healthcare and to the maintenance of human resources for health service development. It will facilitate professional development in the health sector through international schools, seminars and courses. CPH will provide assistance related  to institutional management, application of new technologies and in the application of health economics in preventive initiatives for disease control.

·       The Batut Institiute of Public Health, Serbia [5/3/2015] agrees to collaborate in the implementation of educational and scientific research projects in the broad field of health aimed at the development of human resources and health care services as well as the improvement of operating standards within the health sector. It places emphasize on public health and health management and stresses the need to view the concept of development within the context of human ecology and the needs for health as a result of climate change. This agreement is seen as a means of promoting human security and health diplomacy.



Evropski centar za mir i razvoj Univerziteta za mir UN obaveštava da su doktorske disertacije i Izveštaji o oceni disertacija Aleksandra Plavšina pod naslovom „Uticaj aktuelne ekonomske diplomatije Republike Srbije na izvoz i strane investicije i njeno moguće unapređenje“; Aleksandra Weisnera pod naslovom „Primarna i sekundarna prevencija oružanog nasilja adolescenata u Srbiji“ i Novaka Lučića pod naslovom „Analiza i ocjena stranih direktnih investicija u Makedoniji sa projekcijama dugoročnog razvoja“ stavljeni na uvid javnosti u Sekretarijatu ECPD (Beograd, Terazije 41), 15 dana od 12.9.2017. godine.
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