European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the University for Peace established by the United Nations has the honour to inform you that, within the scope of the ECPD international system of knowledge transfer in the field of medical sciences, in cooperation with Ministry of Health of Montenegro organize





(Kotor, 20–22 May, 2016)


We have the pleasure to invite you to participate at this Specialist Seminar (hereinafter: Seminar), devoted to the most topical problems and improvement of knowledge about legal aspects of the doctor-patient relationship. Although seemingly clear, the doctor-patient relationship is actually developing as well as theoretic views about it and the necessity for its improvement. National and international legislation governing this area is also being developed and health professionals are faced with increasing demands in terms of their obligations in the relationship with patients.

The same refers to patients: the more rights they gain, the more duties they have.


General objective of this programme of education is, accordingly, to provide directors and managers of health institutions as well as other health professionals with required knowledge and skills needed for observing, assessing and applying the legal and ethical principles and regulatory framework for optimum functioning of the health systems. Acquiring these skills will help you enhance your own professional practice as well as the performance of health institutions.


Program, Application Form, Accommodation
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Program, aplikaciona forma, smeštaj

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Specific objectives of the programme refer to the improvement and development of knowledge of participants in the following areas:

                Legal aspects of the doctor – patient relationship;

                Decision-making processes of health professionals in their working environment;

                Promotion of integration of “patients friendly” policy and its implementation;

                Experiences of other countries in the development of doctor – patient relationship with a view to introducing the same mechanisms in the local health environment;

                Decision-making procedures in civil, criminal and disciplinary proceedings before competent courts and providing insight into methods of decision-making in various specific cases from local legal practice.


Co-Directors of the Seminar are Prof. Dr Tobias Schulte in den Baümen (Austria) and Prof. Dr. Hajrija Mujović-Zornić, and the lecturers are:

                Prof. Dr. Budimir Šegrt, Minister of Health of Montenegro

                Prof. Dr Tobias Schulte in den Baümen, Secretary-general, European Law Institute in Vienna

                Prof. Dr. Hajrija Mujović-Zornić

                Ass. Prof. Dr. Marta Sjeničić, Institute for Social Studies in Belgrade

                Prof. Dr. Dragana Čukić, Medical Faculty, University of Montenegro

                Dragana Marčetić, Judge, First Municipal Court in Belgrade



Program of the Seminar include the following topics:

1.            Dynamics of Doctor-Patient Relationship and Rights and Duties of Doctors and Patients

2.            Failure in Medicine – Civil Law Aspects

3.            Protection of Patients’ Rights – Types of Liablility for Failures in Medicine

4.            Duties of Patients and Legal Consequences for their Violation

5.            Protection of Patients’ Rights – Types of Liability for Failure in Medicine – International Aspect

6.            Introducing “Patients Friendly” Policy in Practice

7.            Privacy and Protection of Data

8.            Decision to End Life and Palliative Care

9.            Medical Documentation and its Legal Significance

10.         Protection of Patients’ Rights through the Institution of Ombudsman

11.         Examples of the National and International Law Cases


Knowledge to be acquired by participants includes the following:

                Adequate legal regulation of the doctor-patient relationship and introduction of “patients friendly” policy in practice;

                Legal framework of informed consent in different circumstances;

                Patient’s duties and legal consequences of violation of these duties;

                Duty to respect privacy and data protection.


Skills to be acquired during the Seminar include the following:

                Ability to comply with ethical and legal framework for professionals and institutions in the health care system;

                Ability to initiate the process of transformation of the doctor – patient relationship;

                Possibility to introduce “patients friendly” policy in regular practice;

                Easier focusing on the sources of problems and legal consequences in institutions;

                Ability to respond adequately to such problems by concrete activities harmonised with the legal regulations and

                Ability to integrate rights and duties of patients, doctors and organisation into daily practice.



One working day, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., is reserved for each topic, including the introductory ses­sion, discussion and modalities of practical application, with the active participation of the Semi­nar participants.

Participants will obtain the course materials necessary for effective lesson attendance and study upon completion of the Seminar.




Based on participation during the classes and acquired managerial knowledge and skills during the work of the Seminar, the participants will receive the internationally valid Certificate of the European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) University for Peace established by the Uni­ted Nations.

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