National/Inter-ethnic Reconciliation and Inter-confessional Tolerance in the Balkans

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The European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD), an important international educational and research institution, whose mandate of activities is so-called Helsinki Europe, in the early 1990s shifted its attention primarily to the perceived needs of the countries in transition, especially to the countries of South-Eastern Europe, that is, the Balkan countries. The main objective of this strategic orientation was the promotion of peace and stability in the region by organizing and conducting related educational and international meetings. To that end, the ECPD promoties its international research and education project "National/Inter-ethnic Reconciliation and Inter-confessional Tolerance in the Balkans", which is articulated by two international forums: the ECPD International Conference and the ECPD International Permanent Study Group (IPSG), both pursuing the same goal: national/ethnic reconciliation, inter-confessional tolerance and the human security concept implementation as a prerequisite for peace, stability, economic and social development.

The realization of this Project started in 2005 and in the meantime five conferences and eight IPSG sessions were held. The first conferences were held in Belgrade (Serbia), the fourth in Miločer (Montenegro) and the fifth in the Brioni (Croatia), each at the end of October. The First IPSG Session was held in Sveti Stefan (Montenegro), the Third in Prizren (Kosovo and Metohia) and the Fifth in Belgrade, each of them in-mid June, while another five were held just a day before the relevant Conference.

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