"Privatization in the Economies in Transition"

ECPD International Round Table on the "Privatization in the Economies in Transition"

The European Center for Peace and Development organized tree RTs on "Privatization of Economies in Transition".

The First RT was held in Belgrade, 8 – 10 December 1995. It was chaired by professors Dragoslav Avramović and Norman Scott and attended by 50 participants from most of the transitional countries and several international organizations.

At this RT a Permanent Study Group (PSG) for Transition and Privatization, consisting of 20 renowned scientists and experts from 10 countries and five international organizations was set-up. It was anticipated that the group should meet periodically so as to consider the progress made in this area in order to make appropriate recommendations to the governments of the transitional countries.

The Second RT and the PSG Meeting were held at Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, on 18 – 20 October 1997. At these events, 15 papers were presented and discussed. They were devoted to the experiences with the privatization and/or privatization projects in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and the FR of Yugoslavia.

The Third RT and the PSG Meeting was held in Ohrid, Macedonia, on 26 – 27 November 1999. The events were organized in cooperation with the Government of Macedonia. Within this RT a Seminar on the Positive International Experience with Privatization Applicable to Macedonian Economy was held.

Members of the International Permanent Study Group on Transition and Privatization (set up by the ECPD Academic Council):

·         SCOTT Norman, C.M.G., Professor, Diplomatic Studies Programme, Geneva, Switzerland, Chairman of the Group;

·         AVRAMOVIĆ Dragoslav, former Governor, the National Bank of Yugoslavia, long standing Director of the Economic Studies ECPD, Belgrade, FR of Yugoslavia;

·         BOGOMOLOV Academician Oleg, Director, Institute of International Economic and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia/ YEVSTIGNEYEV Academician Ruben, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia;

·         Van BRABANT Jozef, Department of Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis, United Nations, New York, USA;

·         BRZICA Daneš, Slovak Academy of Sciences,

·         COLLIER John, The International Development Consortium (IDC), St Albans, United Kingdom/WEISS John, University of Bradford, United Kingdom;

·         ĆIROVIĆ Milutin, Professor, University of Belgrade, FR of Yugoslavia;

·         DALLAGO Bruno, University of Trento, Italy;

·         HORVAT Branko, Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia;

·         ICHIMURA Shinichi, President of the ECPD Academic Council;

·         ITO Shoichi, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan;

·         JOVANOVSKI Tihomir, University of Skopje, Macedonia;

·         KÖVES András, Kopint-Datorg Foundation for Economic Research, Budapest, Hungary;

·         MISZLAI Sandor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary;

·         KOWALIK Tadeusz, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland;

·         MALITZA Academician Mircea, Black Sea University, Bucharest, Romania/SANDRU Vasile, Black Sea University, Bucharest, Romania;

·         MEJSTRIK Michal, Faculty of Social Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic/MOVSHUK Oleksandr, Professor University of Kiev, Ukraine;

·         NUTI Domenico Mario, London Business School, London, United Kingdom;

·         SATO Tsuneaki, Yokohama City University, Japan;

·         ŠOŠKIĆ Academician Branislav, Director of the Economic Studies ECPD;

·         UVALIĆ Milica, University of Perugia, Italy.

The Third RT was attended by 50 representatives of most transitional countries, including the Russian Federation and China. The opening of the RT was also attended by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski, Macedonia PM, Ljubče Georgievski and numerous senior officials and experts in various spheres of economic and social life.

B. Trajkovski, President of the Republic of Macedonia, Lj. Georgievski, Prime – Minister of Macedonia,
N. Scott, Vice - President of the ECPD Council, N. Ostojić, ECPD Executive Director, S. Ichimura, President of the ECPD Academic Council, at the opening session of the III Meeting of the ECPD International Permanent Study Group on Transition and Privatization (Ohrid, Macedonia, November 1999)


From all three RTs separate publications were issued.


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