“Lectura Dantis”: Conference of Amb. Prof. Paolo Sabbatini, March 25, 2024


“Lectura Dantis”: Conference of Amb. Prof. Paolo Sabbatini, March 25, 2024, World Day of Dante Alighieri, at the Auditorium of the Diocese of Monaco- Montecarlo


The conference was enthusiastically appreciated by a large audience present; the title was “Dante and China: the Difficulty of Translating the Divine Comedy into Chinese after 7 Centuries of Marco Polo's Journey.”


The Amb. Sabbatini is a Full Professor of International Relations at the ECPD in Belgrade, an academic institution created by the United Nations and present in all countries of the world, with particular emphasis on peacekeeping activities; ECPD is also a “Think Tank” specializing in international conferences on political and diplomatic issues of absolute relevance, investing above all on the younger generation, both with teaching and with global forum. Prof. Sabbatini did not fail to present his academic commitment in the spirit of this great institution.


The meeting was introduced by President Maria Betti, of Dante Alighieri, Monaco Committee; the illustrious rapporteur was presented by S. E. Giulio Alaimo, Ambassador of Italy to Monaco, who retraced his long professional, human and cultural partnership with Prof. Sabbatini.


The Monaco meeting traced the long and complex path of the translations of the masterpiece of the supreme poet, also known in China, marked in some cases by inaccuracies that did not even spare the famous incipit “in the middle of the path of our life“ until reaching the important translation of the distinguished professor Tien DeWang.


In the room were present the most remarkable exponents of the Italian community in Monaco-Montecarlo: entrepreneurs such as Eng. Eugenio Benedetti Gaglio, bankers such as Carlo Maturi, EFG; members of the aristocracy and journalism, such as the Marquise Liliana Valenti Durazzo and Count Niccolò Caissotti di Chiusano, financier and refined socialite. The new generations of Italian entrepreneurs were represented by the three managers of 'Equivoque', the most fashionable bar in Monte Carlo. There was no shortage of young people, to whom Professor Sabbatini presented the ECPD university as a landing place for an ideal school and academic path to a diplomatic career and international functions.


The numerous expressions of interest and appreciation of the evening suggest a future cooperation for other important cultural, academic and social commitments.





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