Research projects elaborated for UNESCO


In 1989/1900 for the needs of, and in cooperation with the UNESCO, the ECPD realised two research projects relating to human rights and disarmament problems, i.e.:
Human Rights and the Right of Unfavoured Groups and Handicapped Persons to a Better Life; and
Research on the Consequences of Armament and Conditions that Favour Disarmament.

The latter one was implemented under three headings:

·         Research on the Consequences of Armament and Conditions that Favour Disarmament;

·         Developing a General Theory of Disarmament; and

·         Contribution to the Founding of a Radical Theory of Responsibility.

These headings were elaborated by scientific workers and researchers from the ECPD, University of Zagreb and Sarajevo University.





Evropski centar za mir i razvoj Univerziteta za mir Ujedinjenih nacija (ECPD) obaveštava da će se javna odbrana doktorske disertacije Saše Stefanoskog pod naslovom „Challenges of Public–Private Partnership Projects in the Health System of the Republic of North Macedonia“ održati 18. juna 2024. u 15:30 u ECPD, Beograd, Terazije 41.


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