ECPD Delegation in Greece


ECPD Delegation in Greece


Early this year a small ECPD delegation to Greece discussed issues of cultural, health and digital diplomacy, e-Health and vaccine hesitancy. It was an initial meeting and evolved as a series of brainstorming events and meetings with NGOs, one with the World Philosophical Forum and an interaction of the Russian members of the delegation with their Greek counterparts. The end result was a brief common statement on proposed future activities within a World Forum under development by the ECPD UN University for Peace with Russia and the 13th World Philosophical Forum, Athens, 2022.


The meeting also accommodated a discussion on the dwindling years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the vital need to end poverty and hunger, achieve food security for the most vulnerable and strengthen multilateralism. It is mandatory to bring about change that will make a positive difference in people’s lives by the implementation of nationally-owned inclusive and sustainable development strategies promoting wellbeing and dignity of all. ECPD is deeply committed to the 2030 Agenda. The Russian delegation requested that JL on behalf of the ECPD will enter the upcoming session oof the United Nations 60th Commission for Social Development (CSocD60), 7-16 February 2022


Participants were from ECPD, Parliamentary Centre, Russian Federation and its Greek counterpart, Russian homeland security, wpf, universities and NGOs. Dr. Dmitry Edelev Councilor to President of the International Association of Peace Foundations the ECPD and Chinese and Russian universities project International network




Jeffrey Levett, ECPD; Sergey Kharkov, Editor/ Peter Kapsaskis, Viktor Fersht UN and Uof Moscow




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