Reconciliation and rapprochement between America and Russia New Study Direction in Geopolitics boosted by Neurosciences

The ECPD, Belgrade is strategically located between east and west as an engine within the UN family that is helping the translation of the “culture of peace” into concrete actions in accordance with its mission. It re-emphasizes the history of brain and behavioral research between east and west [USA, USSR, Germany and France] as a learning exersize. It notes that diplomatic relations and dialogue between USA and Russia are today as low as at the time of Cuban Missile Crisis (1962). Consequently, it urges that all instruments of reconciliation and rapprochement must be utilized. Based on its past track record it suggests that the neurosciences [brain function, mythology, behavior] can be a useful aid to current decision making of a geopolitical nature [health diplomacy, conflict resolution]. In conjunction with artificial intelligence as well as processes and events based on past historical relationships in brain research with the technology of the time [Electroencephalograph, galvanometer] rapprochement is more possible. It points out that accidents and preemptive nuclear strikes become more likely when dialogue is suspended between the major parties such as the near calamity (1983) when radar blips, later verified as coming from reflected sunlight bouncing off cloud formations were first registered as incoming American missiles by Soviet satellites.  The ECPD’s thesis is that a reexamination of past research in brain research between America [left brain-split brain]and Russia [right brain] and the dichotomy of bionics-bioengineering can be a useful communication channel opener and provide useful tools to rapprochement at this a time of poor relations. Looking west these ideas will be presented by Jeffrey Levett, Vice President, ECPD this summer to neuroscientists in the USA [2019 Global Conference on Neuroscience and Neurology, Chicago]; Looking east  to Russian scientists during the ECPD’s International Conference [Autumn, 2019], which will reexamine the UN Agenda 2030 to Transform the World. The conference will have a Balkan focus as it searches for new definitions and forms of sustainable development within a global framework. It will be directed by Federico Mayer, ECPD President. (Belgrade City Hall 25 October 2019). 


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