Successful Transaction 5th Global Youth Forum

5th Global Youth Forum  drew a great number of participants from all around the globe. Young people came to Belgrade to  exchange ideas, discuss regional, European and Global problems, experience Balkan music, dancing, cuisine and have fun. The challenge is still open to put together a poem from the Balkan badlands, or a Belgrade ballad. In the lead up to the event a number of articles were published.

The event pulled in a Nobel Laureate, a former UNESCO  Director General, a Vice Chancellor of Austria, Ambassadors, representatives from Governments, the European Union Stability Pact and the SEE Health Network as well as Foundation Directors and academics some from American Universities. Interesting agenda items and issues to stimulate included public health, violence, existentialism, mental health, youth spiritual empowerment and sustainable activism. Professional presence included engineers, doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, sociologists, biologists and artists were present. Tours des forces also on the environment under stress and on useful insights from systems thinking.

The young participants brought in social rights for vulnerable groups, music from London's Radio Soho, several exciting workshops; a dialogue Caravan, Youth united for peace and a presentation from a multi -group-location from the Balkans, as well as an examination of rapprochement and reconciliation processes. There was much more, of course a spirit of hope and butterflies with a great quote, who can dislike a butterfly?

Already the 6th Youth Forum has been tabled and two themes have been tabled namely, the wellbeing of youth and coercive persuasion and brainwashing in the modern world.  We are hopeful that the world will take note.




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