Prof. Dr. Slobodan Lang

With regret we have learned that our long-standing, dear friend and prominent member of ECPD UN University for Peace, Prof. Dr. Slobodan Lang passed away. Professor Lang had an important role in the ECPD and participated in numerous ECPD activities aimed at promoting peace, development and international cooperation. At ECPD Conferences organised in different countries, he was a stimulant to creative discussion and his presentations always attracted undivided attention and admiration. He was a great help to others always giving them hope, advice and support.

He was the first fellow of the Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, and worked closely with its founder Jonathan Mann on the first international conference on these issues. In the early nineties he tried to prevent genocide in Rwanda and bravely spoke about it in the US. Following on from the war in former Yugoslavia he asked that a conference be conducted on experience of suffering and ways of goodness used to solve conflicts. He argued that every UN intervention should include humanitarian support from the beginning.

On the 50th anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights, 1998, he proposed the concept of globality, as a directive to unite the world, through people strength, health, education, work and one God. 

As a humanitarian activist he gave us his lasting legacy in the theorem of goodness, a principle to live by, and a most powerful force for the future. Goodness isnow a necessity. As a philosopher Slobodan emphasized that goodness has a right to be recognized as a part of truth.


Slobodan was a great support for public health following on in the footsteps of Andrija Štampar. Now is the time to apply his methods to other areas, including disasters – this is just one challenge to Slobodan’s theorem of goodness.


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