BREAKING NEWS 25 February 2016 - ECPD Alumni, Skopje

ECPD Alumni, Skopje

More than 100 Alumni of the ECPD attended the founding meeting of the ECPD Alumni.


Jeffrey Levett 25 February 2016


Permit me to start on a personal note by saying that I have spent pleasant days here in Skopje and in Ohridwith its ancient Greek name Lychnidos, suggesting a "city of light”.

Your ALUMNI can be a new source of light with a strong beam whose sweep will depend on you and on the ECPD.

I am no stranger to this academy. I visited it first with Dr.Sami Sadikari who wrote a brief proposal on the development of a School for Public Health, while I published a paper a School of Public Health for Skopje. The Skopje Declaration on Public Health, Peace and Human Rights I wrote with Professor Doncho Donev after examining the question of health system fatigue in a crisis mode. Most recently, I have interacted with Academician Kambovski on the role of knowledge for regional development. 

Asclepios and his disciple Hippocrates, father of Western medicine proclaimed: we have an opinion, let’s discuss it, if the evidence warrants, let’s change it. Good science results from new perspectives and new insights. Good science depends on good education.

The ECPD is a most important institution and is worthy of our support. Its MISSION is to promote peace, reconciliation, socio-economic development and international cooperation. It derives from the United Nations Charter following the Establishment of the University for Peace [UoP], pursuant to UN Resolution 35/55, 1980.

The UoP tells an exciting story for education and research development in the service of PEACE. The European Center for Peace and Development [ECPD] Belgrade, 1985 is the European campus of the UoP, in Europe, focusing in particular on the Balkans, Black Sea Region and Eastern Mediterranean. Some of its projects include the Balkans in 21st Century, Contested space, Tanks for peace, Reconciliation/Human Security Ecological space. Its educational activities include numerous postgraduate programs at specialist, master and doctoral levels in various fields, as well as international summer schools, certified courses and seminars, etc., carried out through the network of units across Europe, one of which is the Regional Institute for Development Studies in Skopje.

Its most recent activity is between the ECPD UN UoP, Belgrade and LIU, Brooklyn.

The European Center for Peace and Development is carving out regional and global pathways to understanding. In that inspirational aim this ALUMNI can play an important role.


Teuta Gjuladin-Hellon, PhD

With considerable pride I address the first ECPD Alumni, Macedonia, on behalf of all students of the International Master and Doctoral Studies. I want to tell you that the ECPD is not just a postgraduate school; it is a way of life, animated by the spirits of knowledge and diversity as well as  teamwork and solidarity. This way of life has become our own way of life.

Fellow students we come from different walks of life and have different stories to tell about our ECPD journey. After graduation we embarked on our unique paths but with a common thread; a desire for a brighter future. We chose the ECPD to take us one step closer to our goal. Our ECPD journey has given us  a unique tool to carve out a better tomorrow as well as for a new beginning.

What did we get in return?  Perhaps more than we ever expected! We found a home. It was created by the helpful and welcoming administration staff and most importantly by experienced, supportive and caring professors/ mentors from all over the world; USA, Japan and from Finland to Greece. We found diversity and activities that accommodated to our interests, and we obtained a sense of a global community; community based on multiculturalism, respect and knowledge. We were pushed to discover and challenge our individual abilities, interests, and even our identities. Hence, today let’s remember the role that the ECPD played in helping us accomplish some of our important goals.

What can we do as graduates of the ECPD. We are the best promoters and recruiters for the ECPD. We are living proof that ECPD launches successful careers. We can be role models and a source of inspiration to our current students.

While the ECPD's aim is determined by its mission its greatness as an institution comes from its people.

We its people stand behind its aim to preserve and bring together human and intellectual potential from West and East and promote cooperation between the North and South. With the firm support of the ECPD we can build stronger bridges, facilitate and contribute towards peace, political stability and development in our region.


The birth of this ALUMNI can help tell the world that Europe needs us! 


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