ECPD International Scientific Meeting on Management

The European Center for Peace and Development held the following scientific meetings devoted to management:

·         The ECPD International scientific Meeting on Management, was held in Dubrovnik (Croatia), 6-8 October 1988. It was organized in cooperation with the European Institute of Technology, Paris. The meeting was attended by 250 managers and experts of larger business enterprises, banks, export - import firms and research institutions from 27 countries. The world’s latest achievements in the field of management were presented by professors and experts from Belgium, France, Italy, the United States, the OECD and Yugoslavia. The meeting was presided by Prof. Dr Simonida Marjanović, President of the ECPD Council. Other lecturers were: Gerald Compain, Director of Strategies and Services, BULL S.A., Paris; Gilberto Gabrielli, Professor at Business School, Milan, Italy; Dario Velo, Director, School of Business Management, Pavia, Italy; James Howell, Vice-President, Boston Bank, USA; John Marcum, President, European Institute of Technology (EIT), Paris; William Weimer, Vice-President, Educational and Training Programme, IBM Europe, La Hulpe, Belgium, and others;

·         The ECPD International Round Table on “Environmental Management”was held in Athens, on 12-15 April 1994. It was attended by 25 experts from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Great Britain, Macedonia, Italy, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

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Evropski centar za mir i razvoj Univerziteta za mir UN obaveštava da su doktorska disertacija i Izveštaj o oceni disertacije Aleksandre Plazinić pod naslovom „The European Union Accession Negotiations with Serbia – the Role of Communication Strategy“ stavljeni na uvid javnosti u Sekretarijatu ECPD (Beograd, Terazije 41), 15 dana od 11.10.2017. godine.
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