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On the "Health Development – Improving Performance of Health Systems in the Southeast European countries" 
Belgrade, 25 – 26 January 2002

The Conference was organized and held in cooperation with and financially supported by the Federal Academy of Public Administration, Vienna, Austria. It was attended by representatives of five Southeast European countries as participants, as well as by 13 observers, including six from the United Kingdom.

The Director of the Conference was Prof. Dr. Predrag Mićović, well-known expert in the health development systems.

ECPD Regional Conference on Health Development and Health System Improvement


On "Organizing Habitation" 
Trento, Italy, 26 – 27, 2001

The Conference was organized in cooperation with the Autonomous Regional Organizations of Trento – South Tyrol and the ECPD Institute for Development Studies, Skopje, Macedonia. The main objective of the Conference was to explore the Trento – South Tyrol experiences in resolving interethnic disputes and possibilities to apply those experiences in the Balkans, especially in the Western part of Macedonia. 45 participants from most of the Southeast European countries, The United Kingdom, France and USA attended the Conference.

On the "Advanced Robotics, Intelligent Automation and Active Systems"

The European Center for Peace and Development organized four international conferences of this kind, which were held:
The First in Athens, Greece, on 6 – 8 September 1995,
The Second in Vienna, Austria, on 26 – 28 September 1996,
The Third in Bremen, Germany, on 15 – 17 September 1997, and
The Fourth in Moscow, on 24 – 26 August 1998.

The Director of the conference was Academician, Prof. Dr. Miomir Vukobratović.

The Conferences were attended by 100 to 150 participants each from almost all parts of the world.

On the Fracture of New Materials, Varna, Bulgaria,
21 – 25 September 1992

The European Center for Peace and Development organized the Ninth European Conference on Fracture in cooperation with the European Structural Integrity Society and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. At the Conference, which was attended by 450 scientists and experts from 50 countries, 200 papers were presented and most of them were published in a special ECPD publication (ECPD Publications). 

On Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development ECPD International Conferences on SME's

The European Center for Peace and Development organized four international conferences devoted to the impact of small and medium – sized enterprises on the development of less developed countries. The conferences were organized in cooperation with the World Assembly of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises from New Delhi, India, and held in Belgrade.

The First was held on 14 – 19 September 1985,
The Second on 22 – 24 September 1986,
The Third on 15 – 19 August 1987, and
The Forth on 9 – 10 November 1988.

The Conferences were attended by 135 – 200 participants each from almost all parts of the world and from international organizations interested in the SME development (see Table above).


ECPD Books

Remembering Grant: Champion for Children
Jim Grant
Nebojša Cvetanovski, Sašo Kožuharov
Todor Mirković
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Objedinjavanje kvantitativnih i kvalitativnih istraživanja
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