International Scentific Conference on Sciences and Technological Development

The first steps made by the European Center for Peace and Development in the field of science and technology were to determine the trends of scientific and technological development in the world and then to gradually expand its activities to technology in the narrower sense of the word – technology which exerts a special influence on mankind, shaping social relations and civilizations. Science and technology were during the ECPD’s focus of attention in the past period due, inter alia, to the fact that this was the period which marked clearly the beginning of the new technological revolutionand entry into the new, information age. The major activities of the ECPD in these areas were as follows:

The Fifth Meeting of European Geological Societies on Orogeny, Magmatism and Metallogeny in Europe


Professor Simonida Marjanovi, President of the ECPD Council, opening the 5th Meeting of European Geological Societies. First from the left in the chair Professor Z. Kneževi, first ECPD Executive Director (Dubrovnik, October 6, 1987)

In cooperation with the European Geological Association, the European Center for Peace and Development organized and held the Fifth Meeting of European Geological Societies in Dubrovnik, on 6-7 October 1987. The Meeting was devoted to the issues relating to “Orogeny, Magmatism and Metallogeny in Europe”. It was attended by about 600 scientists and other experts who came not only from Europe but also from Africa, Asia, Australia, South and North America, as well as by officials of numerous international and regional organizations. Considering the prevailing conditions, the Meeting provided a unique opportunity for the scientists from the East and the West, and the North and the South, to exchange their experiences and achievements in the relevant fields of science, markedly in the spirit of the Helsinki Accords and the promotion of peace and development. The geologists from the developed and developing countries presented more than 300 papers at the plenary and thematic sessions, and one part of them (73) was published in the ECPD publication “The Fifth Meeting of the European Geological Societies”.

In the late 1980s, the European Center for Peace and Development, in cooperation with the International Agency for the Atomic Energy in Vienna, was actively engaged in research projects relating to the application and possible consequences of radiation, whereby the ECPD carried out the following activities:

·         On 6-8 October 1986, in Dubrovnik, the ECPD and IAEA organized the International Experts Group Meeting on “Technical and Economic Comparison of Irradiation and Conventional Methods”. An active part was taken by experts from the United States, Britain, Switzerland, India, Austria, West Germany and Yugoslavia;

·         On 19-23 October 1987, in Dubrovnik, the ECPD and IAEA organized the International Expert Meeting on “Tracer Application for Industrial Process Optimization”. The Meeting was attended by scientists from Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, East Germany, India, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Yugoslavia, who also took an active part in it.

ECPD International Conference on “Reliability and Structural Integrity of New Materials”

The Ninth European Conference on Fracture was organized by the European Center for Peace and Development, in cooperation with the European Structural Integrity Society and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It was held in Varna (Bulgaria), 21-25 September 1992. The main topic of the Conference was “Reliability and Structural Integrity of New Materials”. At the Conference, which was attended by 450 scientists and experts from 50 countries, 200 papers and statements were presented and most of them were published in a special ECPD publication.

ECPD International Conference Advanced Robotics, Intelligent Automation and Active Systems

Between 1989 and 1995, the European Center for Peace and Development has been conducting the annual ECPD International Conferences on Advanced Robotics, Intelligent Automation and Active Systems on a regular basis. The specific topics of the Conference were: intelligent automation and especially active technical systems. In organizing this Conference, it was proceeded from the fact that intelligent robotic systems were rapidly developed during the last decade of 20th century. As the field of robotics was maturing, the “elements” of artificial intelligence were being spread out to new areas of application. Namely, in addition to traditional robotics and so-called intelligent control, which is based on scientifically based technology, a new direction of automatic systems performance control – based on an “active adjustment of their dynamic parameters – was set up. In the indicated period, the following four conferences were organized and held:

·         The First Conference was held in Athens, 6-8 September 1995. The Conference was organized by the ECPD in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology in Athens. During the Conference 115 papers were presented by scientists and experts from 18 countries;

·         The Second International Conference on Advanced Robotics, Intelligent Automation and Active Structure Systems was held in Vienna, 26-28 September 1996, in the ECPD’s organization. The structural and thematic concept of the Second Conference was based on the experience gained in the First one;

·         The Third Conference on Advanced Robotics was held in Bremen (Germany), 15-17 September 1997. The Conference was organized by the ECPD in cooperation with the ATR Institute for Applied Technology Systems in Bremen. Like the previous two, this Conference confirmed its significance and high reputation, and pointed to the need for its continuous work;

·         The Fourth Conference on Advanced Robotics, Intelligent Automation and Active Systems, organized by the ECPD, was held in Moscow, 24-26 August 1998. From a conceptual and thematic aspect, it was primarily oriented to active technical systems. The Conference was attended by 105 scientists and experts from 15 countries.
The Fourth Conference, like the previous three, was chaired by Academician Miomir Vukobratović, who was the initiator and main architect of the events.

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