Integrative Protection of Cultural Heritage, Banja Luka, 3-4 November 2008

The Third Conference was held in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska (BiH) on 3-4 November, 2008.  It was continuation of the previous two conferences dealing with the Integrative
Protection of National and Natural Recourses, but this time it was focused to the “Protection of National and Natural Heritage in Circumstances of Global changes”. The initiators and organizers of the Conference were the European Center for Peace and Development, Belgrade, and Republican Institute for the protection of

Cultural-Historical and Natural Heritage of the Republic of Srpska, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia; the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Republic of Srpska and the Municipality of the City of Banja Luka. The Conference was attended by 132 participants mostly experts in the filed from various research organizations and museums, universities, institutes devoted to protection of monuments and nature, local and regional authorities and the like. They came from the Balkan and other European and some non-European countries, including Japan and the USA. The Conference was chaired by a group of renowned international public figures and functionary experts, who in the same time were moderators of six thematic sessions. The participants were asked to contribute to fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the Conference by presenting their papers and/or taking part in discussions, on:

·         Recommendation and  implementation integral documentation, exercising cultural politics, issuing concession for monitoring cultural landscape, as well as to aim the other measures of cultural management in the Global changes circumstances;

·         Overcoming ethical problems that emerged under global changes, insufficient method of conservation and protection of heritage, aggressive and rapid construction etc, and

·         Method of conservation and protection of heritage, aggressive and rapid construction, etc;

·         Raising awareness about the issue of global climatic changes, as an important factor of long-term planning and their effects on natural and cultural heritage.


In accordance with in advance prepared AGENDA, H.E. Anton Kasipović, Vice-President and Minister of Education and Culture, Government of the Republic of Srpska opened the Conference delivering his welcome address, while H.S. Prof. Takehiro Togo presented his introductory speech. Within six plenary sessions about forty five speakers presented their views on crucial issues of the cultural and natural protection and restoration of damaged monuments. Even more participants took parts in discussions, presenting their suggestions and recommendations on improvement of the cultural and natural protection. At the end, conclusions and recommendations, as well as Closing remarks were discussed and accepted. 

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Evropski centar za mir i razvoj Univerziteta za mir UN obaveštava da su magistarska teza i Izveštaj o oceni teze Jete Rukiqi pod naslovom „International Organizations and Their Role in the Western Balkans: Key Study Kosovo“ i doktorska disertacija i Izveštaj o oceni disertacije Fazli Mehmet Gökgöza pod naslovom „The Process of Interest Representation in Brussels: Lobbying for Turkish RTDI Interests” stavljeni na uvid javnosti u Sekretarijatu ECPD (Beograd, Terazije 41), 15 dana od dana objavljivanja.
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